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The Editor welcomes unsolicited article submissions centered around topics related to health, wellness and longevity, provided that those submissions meet certain style and formatting guidelines (collectively, “Article Submission Guidelines”) and are of acceptable quality. Additionally, any article that is ultimately chosen for publication will only be published subject to certain conditions (“Terms Of Publication”) which must be agreed to and accepted by the writer prior to any publication. [Note that the two previously mentioned documents can be downloaded below.]

Please note that HealthXWire Corp. at all times reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to either accept or reject any unsolicited article submitted to it for publication. A writer submitting a work for publication must represent and warrant that 1) the article is an original work and contains no plagiarized content, 2) the article is factually accurate in every aspect, and 3), the article has never been published previously. HealthXWire Corp. reserves the right to fact check and to edit any article submitted to it for publication.

Compensation to writers for unsolicited articles submitted will vary in the discretion of the Editor, and there can be no guarantee that a writer will be compensated in any particular amount in the event that an article is chosen for publication.

Articles must be submitted in accordance with the Article Submission Guidelines, and any submission should be in the form of an attachment to email sent to the attention of our Editor at [email protected]. The subject of your email correspondence must state “Article Submission”. 



Article Submission