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Shake Off Hangover Symptoms With Morning Recovery: The Science-Backed Solution by More Labs to Wake Up Fresh

by Trent Alan
Shake Off Hangover Symptoms With Morning Recovery

Morning Recovery by More Labs offers a targeted solution to alleviate hangover symptoms and promote a refreshed morning. This innovative shot is formulated with a precise blend of vitamins, electrolytes, and natural ingredients, aiming to replenish lost nutrients, aid liver function, and combat dehydration. Backed by rigorous research, More Labs offers a promising option for those seeking an effective, science-supported method to tackle the effects of a night out.

Most of us have been there: slowly waking up after a night out on the town. As our eyes flutter open and the room comes into focus, the first thing we notice is a pounding in our head, like a tiny construction worker jackhammering away at our skull. We sit up and immediately regret it as a wave of nausea washes over us.

Sound familiar? This has happened to a lot of us more times than we’d care to admit. While having a few drinks can be a blast in the moment – the social lubrication, the lowered inhibitions, the killer dance moves that only come out after a few cocktails – the morning after can be a different story entirely. So, what to do about it?

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Hangovers: a costly mistake

Hangovers aren’t just an inconvenience, with one day of suffering spent hiding from the world and vowing never to drink again. A day lost to a hangover can derail exercise routines, lead to unhealthy food choices, and hinder mental clarity and focus at work (or worse, cause one to miss work altogether). Over time, these disruptions can take a major toll on one’s overall quality of life.

When you consider the cost of lost productivity and the social, cognitive, professional, and emotional impact of hangovers, it’s clear that finding an effective solution is not just a matter of comfort, but a smart investment.

Luckily, the need for an effective hangover cure has driven a lot of investment in research and development. One company that has made impressive progress on the issue is More Labs.

By dedicating $250,000 to a research grant for the USC School of Pharmacy, More Labs has delved deep into the science of alcohol metabolism and its effects on the body. And the company is confident they’ve found a solution with Morning Recovery, a product derived from their findings.

But before we dive into this potential miracle elixir, let’s take a closer look at what’s actually happening in the body during a hangover.

Alcohol hangover

What causes the hangover horror show?

First up: dehydration, the bane of every social drinker’s existence. As most probably know, alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it makes us pee… a lot. All those trips to the restroom aren’t just annoying – they’re sapping the body of both vital fluids and electrolytes, leading to symptoms like raging thirst, fatigue, and that oh-so-delightful head-pounding sensation.

But unfortunately, there’s more. As the liver works overtime to break down all that alcohol, it produces a nasty little byproduct called acetaldehyde. This toxic troublemaker is known to trigger inflammation throughout your body, cranking up the dial on hangover misery.

And while a nightcap might help you doze off initially, it can seriously mess with your sleep cycle, leading to a restless night and a groggy, zombie-like morning after.

The quest for a hangover cure

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when it comes to hangovers, people will try just about anything for a shred of relief. Greasy breakfast burger? Sure. Popping ibuprofen like candy? Why not. Hair of the dog that bit you? Pass the vodka. But let’s be real – these so-called remedies are more band-aid than cure, and some of them (seriously, a Bloody Mary for breakfast?) can actually make things worse fast.

While chugging sports drinks can help replenish lost fluids and electrolytes, and getting some food into your queasy stomach can stabilize blood sugar levels, these measures don’t really get to the heart of the problem. This is where science comes in.

More Labs’ science of feeling better

Teaming up with some of the sharpest minds in the field, including the brainiacs at the USC School of Pharmacy, More Labs has crafted a potent blend of ingredients designed to tackle hangovers from every angle.

The star player in Morning Recovery is dihydromyricetin (DHM), a flavonoid compound derived from Hovenia dulcis, the Japanese raisin tree. DHM has been shown to increase the activity of enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism, helping to break down acetaldehyde more efficiently and mitigate its inflammatory effects.

Other ingredients in Morning Recovery include:

Together, the ingredients address the root causes of hangover symptoms, allowing one to face the day ahead without feeling like a shell of their former self.

Milk thistle supports liver function and detoxification

The proof is in More Labs’ science

To prove it works, More Labs has conducted randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials to put Morning Recovery to the test.

In their research, participants who took the product reported significant reductions in hangover symptoms across the board compared to the placebo group. What’s more, blood tests revealed improvements in liver enzyme levels, indicating that the formula was supporting healthy liver function.

The clinical trial found that participants had:

  • A 67% reduction in anxiety with Morning Recovery.
  • An 80% improvement in brain fog.
  • A 75% decrease in chest discomfort.
  • An 80% reduction in headache severity.
  • A 79% improvement in clumsiness.

Empowering smarter choices

Imagine waking up the morning after a celebratory night out and actually feeling good. No languishing in bed nursing a splitting headache and regretting that last cocktail. Instead, it’s possible to hop out of bed, crush a workout, and tackle the day with a clear head and steady energy. That’s the kind of transformation Morning Recovery was designed to deliver.

As More Labs CEO Josh Groff puts it, “Whether it’s a happy hour drink, going to a party, drinks at dinner, or anything more, starting with a Morning Recovery every time you drink will help prevent lost productivity the following day.”

Of course, it isn’t a free pass to binge drink recklessly. Alcohol still has very real risks and long-term health consequences that need to be taken seriously. But for moderate drinkers who enjoy socializing over a few drinks, this product can be a game-changer.

Alcohol still has very real risks

The More Labs Morning Recovery mission

More Labs was founded with a commitment to helping people live their best lives without sacrificing the social experiences that bring joy and connection. Co-founder and CEO Sisun Lee was inspired to start the company after experiencing firsthand how brutal hangovers could be while working a demanding job in Silicon Valley.

Lee teamed up with Dr. Jing Liang, a PhD in transdermal drug delivery, to dive deep into the science of hangovers and develop a product that could genuinely help people feel better. Today, their team includes accomplished doctors, researchers, and innovators who share a passion for using cutting-edge science to solve real human problems.

A proactive approach to hangovers with Morning Recovery

Trying Morning Recovery for yourself is easy – simply take one bottle right before your first drink. The pleasant, lightly flavored formula goes down easy, without any medicinal aftertaste.

If you’re planning on having a night out on a trip away from home, Morning Recovery comes in a bottle that’s under the 3.4-ounce limit for flying, making it convenient and travel-friendly.

And the subscription model, which offers a 15% discount on monthly deliveries is good for the bank account and for keeping the goods stocked for when you need them.

For best results, More Labs recommends taking a dose of any of the flavors (including sugar-free lemon) before or between drinks, but taking it an hour after the last drink can still help one bounce back faster. With a risk-free 30-day trial and free shipping on all orders, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

Ultimately, hangovers serve as a potent reminder that our choices have consequences – and that moderation is the key to a life well-lived. But for those occasions when we do choose to indulge a bit, Morning Recovery offers a solution backed by science and nature.

With its potent blend of liver-supporting, inflammation-fighting, nutrient-replenishing ingredients, Morning Recovery is in your corner, ready to help you bounce back and seize the day.

Morning Recovery Mind Labs

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