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Tame and Style Stubborn Beards With the Carbon X Beard Straightener: The Innovation From The Beard Struggle That Conquers Wild Beards

by Alan Klein
Tame and Style Stubborn Beards With the Carbon X Beard Straightener, The Beard Struggle

Maintaining a refined appearance can often feel like a daily challenge for guys with long beards. Acknowledging this, The Beard Struggle has introduced their Carbon X Heated Beard Straightener Brush as a solution for managing unruly facial hair. This innovative tool can help men effortlessly tame and style stubborn beards to achieve a sleek and polished look.

Your beard: It’s all about you

A beard is a personal expression of identity; it’s a statement of independence, self-confidence, and inner strength. By growing a beard—especially one with substantial length—you are identifying with a lineage of masculine leaders: from the fierce Spartans and resilient Vikings to the esteemed Civil War Generals. Moreover, a beard is emblematic of intellect, spirituality, and athleticism, embodying a diverse spectrum of attributes.

“A number of studies have suggested that both men and women perceive men with beards as older, stronger, and more aggressive than others,” reports the BBC. Additionally, Fashion Beans contends that “men touting long beard styles appear more mature, respected, and powerful. Plus, according to multiple findings, bearded guys have a higher social status than their clean-shaven brothers.”

Having a long beard attracts people to you and is often a conversation starter:

Friends, family, and complete strangers may ask why you decided to grow a long beard and how long it took you to grow it. Is it hard to maintain? Does it itch? You can certainly expect potential romantic partners to be asking you some questions. Wouldn’t that attract them?

A long beard is your most defining and memorable feature, often making a lasting impression from the moment people meet you. Everyone tends to notice your long beard before they become conscious of other physical traits, like your hair, skin color, height, or even your age. A beard has an undeniable mark of “masculinity” written all over it.

Long beards continue to stand the test of time. Far from being relegated to historical images, today’s popularity of growing a full beard and the need for regular, specialized grooming are evidenced by the size and vitality of the market for beard care products.

Man with dense long beard

The lifestyle-driven beard care market

“The global beard care products market size was estimated at US$ 2.38 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% to reach US$ 3.71 billion in 2024,” reports Grand View Research. The growing popularity of beards is attributed to changing lifestyles, urbanization, and increasing awareness of grooming among men.

More men cultivate and wear beards than you may realize. According to Modern Gentleman, “33% of men in America and 55% of men all over the world have facial hair.” Beard statistics site Earthweb notes that “44% of men worldwide today have full beards.” The BBC further reports, “In times with a greater proportion of single men competing for fewer women, beards and mustaches became more fashionable.”

Keeping your beard looking great

Messy hair can be covered with a hat, and clothing can enhance your appearance. However, there is no hiding an unkempt beard. Your beard is your self-expression, your trademark, so keeping your beard in a well-groomed, conditioned appearance is a top priority.

It’s a daily challenge to maintain a long beard—to keep your unruly beard hair from going its own way. Keeping it trimmed, well-shaped, and clean is one part of the equation, but keeping your beard straight and full demands its own daily priority.

“Studies suggest that women actually hate unkempt beards and would much more likely prefer a well-shaped and sculpted beard.”—Beard Resource

Fortunately, The Beard Struggle, a company dedicated to innovative products for men with beards, has developed a grooming technology that you can use every morning for a straighter, fuller-looking, polished, and stylish beard.

man with groomed beard

The Beard Struggle: Carbon X Heated Beard Straightener Brush

Carbon X Heated Beard Straightener Brush was conceptualized by Faiysal Kothiwala, Founder and Chief Bearded Officer of The Beard Struggle, after finding existing beard straightening tools ineffective: The bristles were too long, the gaps between the hair-separating teeth were too far apart, and the devices were radiating too much heat near the face. Determined to find a solution, Faiysal went to work with a team of engineers, and the result is a first-of-its-kind technology that allows men to safely apply controlled heat to straighten their beard:

Carbon X Heated Beard Straightener Brush not only straightens and flattens your beard hair but also adds volume for a thicker-looking beard. In a matter of minutes, the unruly, messy beard you woke up with will transform into a sleek, straight, and full beard.

Carbon X Heated Beard Straightener Brush comes with three scald-preventing heat settings, ranging from 160 to 200°C (190 to 390°F), and the rechargeable battery provides 40 minutes of use. “Whether your facial hair is thick, curly, wavy, short, or resembles Gandalf’s beard, Carbon X Heated Beard Straightener Brush will work for you,” the company promises.

The unique cordless and rechargeable design eliminates the hassle of cord entanglement or the need for a plug-in to use. Carbon X Heated Beard Straightener Brush is ready to go into battle against unruly, tangled, or creased beard hairs at a moment’s notice.

While this innovation has been imitated, the originator of the technology, The Beard Struggle, continuously refines and updates their product to keep Carbon X Heated Beard Straightener Brush the most effective beard straightener available worldwide. As stated by the company, “We’ve upgraded our original brush in every way to bring you the ultimate grooming tool.”

Gandalf’s beard

Natural, organic, beard care products

The Beard Struggle was founded in 2014 following Faiysal Kothiwala’s frustration with the poor quality beard care products available in barber shops and online. Motivated to find a solution, he decided to create his own line:

“I realized I could do this myself. I started formulating and learned what kind of tests to do, what ingredients to use and which to avoid, and finally, how to make the most effective, natural, organic beard care products.”

Since its beginnings in Vancouver, BC, The Beard Struggle has evolved to offer an extensive range of natural, organic beard care products for optimal beard health, appearance, and comfort. The company has enlisted brand ambassadors from all over the world—actors, athletes, artists, Vikings—exceptional individuals who serve as role models. “Adventurous Vikings, in particular, have special inspiration for valuing strength, resilience, and exploration,” Faiysal attests.

“From the beginning, our mission has remained the same. We aim to provide high-quality products that make you look and feel your best. We know the importance of quality control, and we’ll never let that change, no matter how many facilities we use. In fact, all of our cosmetic products are still 100% handmade.”

Today, men can take advantage of The Beard Struggle’s complete range of beard care and skin care products, all still made in-house with organic ingredients. These include:

  • Shower + Wash: Radiance Beard Wash Damage-Free Cleanser & Deep Conditioner; Viking Sea Mineral Beard Mask; Radiance Body Wash; Restore Bar Damage-Free Shampoo
  • Beard Oils: Day Liquid Tonic Beard Oil; Night Liquid Elixir Beard Oil; Kraki’s Pre-Shave Oil
  • Balms & Wax: Warrior’s Beard Balm; Warrior’s Beard Butter; Gentlemen’s Beard & Mustache Wax
  • Beard Growth: VOXTR Beard Growth Kit; VOXTR Accelerator Serum; Micro-Needle Derma Beard Roller
  • Viking Shield: Beard & Hair Heat Protectant Spray
  • The Care Package: Skin Care Regimen

The company’s goal is to be 100% sustainable. All cartons and packaging are recyclable, with minimal use of plastic. Additionally, the products are cruelty-free, as stated by the company: “We test on our own Brand Vikings, not animals—Vikings have a soft spot for our furry friends.”

You can conveniently order the Carbon X Heated Beard Straightener Brush and the beard and skin care products online from The Beard Struggle website and Amazon. Enjoy the added benefit of free shipping worldwide (excluding Australia), along with the “Viking Oath of Honor” 90-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Grow long beard with the beard struggle

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