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Named Highest Growth Prospects In The Nutritional Supplement Industry: Real Mushrooms, Evolvere, Partnered Process, & BrainLuxury

Karl Klinger, the chairman of the Brand Research Committee of HealthXWire announced early this morning that the committee had identified four up-and-coming companies in the nutritional supplement industry as being the best in their class and poised for dynamic growth in market share acquisition in the coming year. “These are the companies and brands for health-conscious consumers to be watching closely. We’ve identified them as offering unique and premium products in a marketplace that is highly competitive,” stated Klinger. 

Real Mushrooms, Evolvere, Partnered Process, BrainLuxury

Selected Brands: Real Mushrooms, Evolvere, Partnered Process, & BrainLuxury

Brands selected for this distinction for the month of September included: Real Mushrooms, a supplier of the highest-grade authentic mushroom supplements, founded by COO Skye Chilton; Evolvere, offering its QuantumindTM nootropic formulation to serious biohackers, founded by CEO Neal Thakkar; Partnered Process, a manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of CBD products, noted for its certified best practices manufacturing process and its precision labeling, headed by co-founders Drew Faude, and Sam and Sadie Ward; and BrainLuxury, which features its branded DELTA BrainLuxuryTM natural tryptophan-based sleep aid, headed by co-founders Axel Bouchon and Hermann Schützinger.

Each of these four young companies is a bold upstart, and is disrupting an industry that is still largely dominated by a relatively small number of large, well-established vitamin companies and national drug chains. Each brand is led by passionate entrepreneurs with the vision and courage to challenge their larger, more firmly entrenched industry counterparts in order to deliver a superior quality product to consumers.

Nutrition Supplement Market

The combined market for nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals in the United States, which is currently at about $96.3 billion, is anticipated to grow at a compounded annual rate of at least 5.85% through 2028. 

Great Potential

Today’s supplements and nutraceuticals are evolving to have greater potency and specificity of targeted action. In addition, these newer entrants to the health, wellness and anti-aging industry, according to Klinger, are investing substantially “not only in their increasingly sophisticated digital marketing, but in product quality and integrity. These are companies with the greatest potential.”


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