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HealthXWire Names 4 Companies The Highest New Growth Prospects In The Supplement And Nutraceuticals Industry

With the popularity of natural nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals growing by leaps and bounds in response to a nationwide move toward preventive health, wellness and anti-aging, several brands have proven themselves to be truly innovative and outstanding

by Douglas Elliot

Karl Klinger, a senior-level spokesman for the Brand Research Committee of HealthXWire announced early this morning that the committee had identified three companies in the nutritional supplement and nutraceuticals industry as being the best in their class and poised for dynamic growth in market share acquisition in the coming year. “These are the companies and brands for health-conscious consumers to be watching closely. We’ve identified them as offering unique and premium products in a marketplace that is highly competitive,” stated Klinger. HealthXWire identifies a small number of “best in category” B2C supplement and nutraceuticals providers each month. This is only the second time a public announcement of committee findings is being made.

Research Committee Selection

Brands selected for this distinction this month included: Luma By Laura, a health and beauty brand with a premium quality line of nutrient-infused skincare potions, anti-aging supplements and other products primarily focused on the special needs of women; Yemaya Organic, a provider of the purest naturally-harvested sea moss and seamoss-based nutritional products to bolster immunity, general health, and longevity; MyPEAK Supplements, a unique provider of completely vegan nutritional and dietary supplements actually formulated by physicians; and Buie Holistic Herbs, a provider of black seed oil and other supplements specifically geared toward strengthening the immune system. Each of these four young companies is an entrepreneurial upstart, and is disrupting an industry which was once dominated by a relatively small number of large, well-established vitamin companies, pervasive drug chains, and highly-advertised national beauty brands.

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Nutritional Supplement & Nutraceutical Market

The combined market for nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals in the United States, which is currently at about $96.3 billion, is anticipated to grow at a compounded annual rate of at least 5.85% through 2028. This expansion is driven by a growing interest, on the part of the American public in improving the quality and length of life, and in increasing personal performance, productivity and a more youthful appearance. It is estimated that more than 80% of the adult population in the United States has either taken, or is currently taking supplements or using nutraceuticals.

The Evolution Of Today’s Supplements

Today’s supplements and nutraceuticals are evolving to have greater potency and specificity of targeted action. In addition, these newer entrants to the health, wellness and anti-aging industry, according to Klinger, are investing substantially “not only in their increasingly sophisticated digital marketing, but in product quality and integrity. There is a growing emphasis on products for nutrition and beauty that are certified organic, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced. Consumers are demanding a much higher standard of quality because they’ve become much better informed.”

HealthXWire will be offering free samples of products offered by Luma By Laura, Yemaya Organic, MyPEAK Supplements, and Buie Holistic Herbs to some lucky subscribers to its monthly newsletter, HealthXWire Insider. “These are companies with tremendous potential, and these are brands that you should really watch,” said Klinger.


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