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Brain Pill Reviews: Leading Edge Health vs Medicine Man Plant Co.

Both Leading Edge Health (Canada) and Medicine Man Plant Co. (USA) have proprietary versions of the Brain Pill, and both are rated by consumers as highly effective. In this article, we provide a head-to-head comparison of these two popular formulations so that you can make a more informed purchase decision.

by Lee D'Amato
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Nootropics can be loosely defined as substances that enhance brain function. The Romanian psychologist and chemist Corneliu E. Giurgea defined the effects of nootropics in 1972: they should improve memory and learning while protecting the brain from injury, with few (if any) side effects.  This is a broad category, and both your morning coffee and highly specialized prescription drugs fit the definition of nootropics. Particularly in recent years, countless novel nootropic supplement blends have appeared on the market.

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You may be interested in the neurological benefits of nootropics, but with so many options, it can be difficult to find the best blend without spending hours poring over brain pill reviews. Leading Edge Health and Medicine Man Plant Co. are two notable supplement companies that offer quality nootropic blends. We’ve drawn up a direct comparison of Leading Edge Health’s BrainPill and Medicine Man Plant Co.’s The Brain Pill so you can determine which one fits your needs. 

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Brain pill reviews:


Leading Edge Health’s BrainPill contains a whopping 13 ingredients to cover all the bases.  Some of these are natural, while others are synthetic.  Huperzine A, vinpocetine, Bacopa monnieri, and Ginkgo biloba are all extracted from plants. Bacopa monnieriand Ginkgo biloba in particular, have a long history as natural nootropics. Bacopa Monnieri is an herb native to the Indian subcontinent, and it’s commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve memory.

Similarly, Ginkgo biloba has a thousand-year history in traditional Chinese medicine, where it’s used to treat dementia. Other ingredients, however, like vitamin B6 and phosphatidylserine, are industrially synthesized.

In contrast, Medicine Man Plant Co.’s The Brain Pill has a strikingly simple formula. It’s made up of just three all-natural, plant-based ingredients: Ginkgo biloba, Lion’s Mane mushroom, and sage. Lion’s Mane has roots in Chinese traditional medicine, where it’s commonly brewed into a brain-boosting tea.

The Lion’s Mane in Medicine Man Plant Co.’s The Brain Pill, is extracted naturally – brewed into a tea, and then dried. Sage has been used in ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese, and Native American traditional medicine practices to treat a whole litany of conditions, from sore throats to memory loss. It’s been shown to boost memory, and, in higher doses, sage can even have a positive effect on mood.

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Medicine Man Plant Co.’s formula might not boast as many ingredients as Leading Edge’s.  Still, it’s entirely natural and plant-based down to the capsule itself, which is made from just vegetable fiber and water.

Brain pill reviews:

Do they actually work?

The concept of nootropics is fairly new, and for some ingredients, more research is required to determine their efficacy. So when you’re looking over brain pill reviews, it’s best to make sure the ingredients are backed up with peer-reviewed studies.

Leading Edge Health’s BrainPill contains many proven ingredients. Vitamin B12, for example, is well known for increasing circulation, as well as for its neuron-supporting effects. However, some of its ingredients need further study before their intended effects can be verified.

While citicoline is sometimes purported to improve neuron function and stave off memory disorders, a 2015 study cast doubt on those claims, as well as on their efficacy for neurologically healthy patients. Similarly, phosphatidylserine has been claimed to reduce stress while aiding cognitive function, but a panel of experts convened by the European Food Safety Authority ruled that there is insufficient evidence to substantiate these claims.

Much research has also been conducted on the ingredients of Medicine Man Plant Co.’s The Brain Pill. Multiple studies have shown that Lion’s Mane improves memory and protects against the amyloid-beta plaques that damage the brain in Alzheimer’s disease. A clinical study even demonstrated improved cognitive function in adults taking Lion’s Mane.  (This effect diminished after they stopped taking the supplement.) Plus, sage contains antioxidants that protect the brain as they slow the decay of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in learning and memory.

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Brain pill reviews:

Potential risks, side effects, and drug/supplement interactions

The benefits of nootropics are supposed to outweigh the risks.  However, with any supplement, there’s always the potential for negative side effects and interactions with other supplements or medications.

Although they won’t be experienced by everyone, certain side effects are common when taking Leading Edge Health’s BrainPill: heartburn, sunlight sensitivity, abdominal cramps, and varying degrees of stomach upset. Therefore, it’s important to do your research and consult with your doctor before starting a new supplement. For these brain pill reviews, we’ve done the research for you.

Due to its longer list of ingredients, Leading Edge Health’s BrainPill has a greater potential for negative interactions. L-theanine sometimes interacts with blood pressure medication, citicoline with antiparkinson drugs, and Huperzine A with cholinesterase inhibitors, beta-blockers, and anti-convulsive medication. In addition, one of its ingredients, vinpocetine, is considered by the FDA to be unsafe for consumption during pregnancy.

Medicine Man Plant Co.’s The Brain Pill has a shorter list of all-natural ingredients, so it has less potential for interactions. Ginkgo biloba (which is also in Leading Edge Health’s product) may interact with blood thinners and antidepressants. Supplements containing Lion’s Mane shouldn’t be taken with antidiabetics or certain heart medicines like antiplatelets and anticoagulants.

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Brain pill reviews:


Brain pill reviews that cover ingredients, efficacy, and risks are useful, but how will these supplements affect your wallet? Leading Edge Health and Medicine Man Plant Co.’s products are priced differently, but are sold in different quantities and recommend different doses. Let’s do the math.

A 60-capsule box of Leading Edge Health’s BrainPill normally costs $79.95. At a standard dose of two capsules per day, this is effectively a one-month supply at the cost of $2.67 per daily dose. Leading Edge Health offers discounts for customers who buy in bulk – a six-month supply will cost you $354.95 at $59.16 per bottle. Of course, this requires a long-term commitment to the product, which might not be ideal for those just starting out with nootropics and wanting to experiment.

Medicine Man Plant Co.’s The Brain Pill formula costs just $46 for a bottle of 90 capsules. A larger dose of three capsules per day is recommended, so that makes this bottle also roughly a one-month supply. Per dose, these are much more affordable at just 51 cents a day. Medicine Man Plant Co. offers a monthly subscription service for a 5% discount – $43.70 per month. However, there’s no minimum subscription length, so it doesn’t require a long-term commitment.

In these head-to-head brain pill reviews, Medicine Man Plant Co. wins

When it comes to nootropics, it’s best to find an all-encompassing, proven formula that’s safe and effective. Plus, it’d be nice if it didn’t break the bank. Although Leading Edge Health’s BrainPill has a more complete formula, Medicine Man Plant Co.’s The Brain Pill wins in every other category.

Its all-natural ingredients are backed by science, and have less potential for negative interaction or unpleasant side effects. Medicine Man Plant Co.’s product is even more affordable than its Leading Edge Health competitor.  As you consider the many nootropic options currently available, be sure to do your research to find the one that’s right for you.  You will then be on your way to better cognitive function, enhanced creativity, and big productivity gains. 

The best asset a business can have is brain power

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Important Note: The information contained in this article is for general informational purposes only, and should not be construed as health or medical advice, nor is it intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. Before embarking on any diet, fitness regimen, or program of nutritional supplementation, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional in order to determine its safety and probable efficacy in terms of your individual state of health.

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