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Ancient Peat: The Key to Cellular Health, Vitality, and Athletic Performance

Good things are sometimes found in unexpected places, and a bog full of ancient peat may be as unexpected as they come.

Basic garden-variety peat is a sedimentary material that is the result of both botanical and geological processes. Much of its material comes from partially decomposed animals, plants, and microbes. Peat deposits develop in locations where those biological remains are too numerous to be recycled or completely consumed by the environment.

Much of the peat classified as “ancient” was formed more than 1,200 years ago and now provides a complex mixture of chemicals that have been shown to improve some functions of the human body. Ancient peat is one of several natural substances that have historically been a rich source of key molecules for the development of nutritional supplements and other healthful products.

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One of the vital functions ancient peat can play in the body is to assist with the production of NAD+, a compound that has important roles in redox metabolism, longevity, the immune system, and DNA repair. One key product derived from ancient peat is ElevATP® Ancient Peat and Apple Polyphenol Extract, a proprietary blend of ingredients found in many products. It was awarded Ingredient of the Year in the Sports Nutrition Category at the 2018 NutraIngredients-USA Awards in Chicago.

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Two main components of ancient peat

Two of the active ingredients in ancient peat are humic substances and fulvic acid, both of which have demonstrated antimicrobial powers.

Humic substances show a wide range of other beneficial activities that hold promise for the treatment of immunocompromised patients. Among the documented potentials of humic substances are antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory uses. Humic substances have also been found to have a stimulatory response to the contractile activity of smooth muscles. In some lab animals, subjects treated with ancient peat showed a decrease in total cholesterol, total lipids, an increase in the high-density lipoprotein fraction, and a decrease in glucose levels.

Likewise, fulvic acid has shown promise in treating a number of conditions, including some allergies, anxiety disorders, eczema, hypoxia, immune system dysfunction, memory problems, and ulcers. Some studies have shown that fulvic acid has the potential to prevent chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes. It has also shown potential with neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Agriculture crop with ancient peat

Ancient peat may enhance workouts

A major study of ElevATP, the proprietary formula that blends ancient peat with an apple polyphenol extract, took place in 2015. It showed a positive correlation between the supplement and increased benefits from exercise in a group of athletes. The research demonstrated that the formula could increase lower body and total strength as well as lower body power output compared to an equal-volume, visually identical placebo. Moreover, the supplement was able to prevent performance reductions commonly associated with increased training volume and overreaching.

The results of that study have been well-documented and cited by many supplement manufacturers who include that proprietary blend in their products. It has made the proprietary blend a common fixture in many supplements; it has also sparked renewed interest in studies to determine other potential benefits from ancient peat and its various components.

Some components of ElevATP may stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which cells use as a source of energy. ATP plays a vital role in muscle health, and supplements that boost ATP may increase the blood flow to the exercising muscle, thus providing essential nutrients and reducing fatigue.  The result is enhanced athletic performance.

Because athletes, both professional and amateur, are always looking for ways to maximize their gym time and get the greatest benefit for their efforts, finding an ATP-producing supplement with a proven track record represents a major breakthrough.

A muscular man weighing dumbbell.

A good source of ancient peat

Ancient peat is a natural ingredient found in many parts of the world, so knowing the source of the peat in a supplement is vital when determining which product to choose. Companies with a strong track record of dealing with natural ingredients and avoiding cheap artificial fillers are a better choice than manufacturers who emphasize cost reduction over quality.

MyPEAK Wellness is an all-in-one vegan multivitamin containing an increased dose of ElevATP®. MyPEAK has established a reputation for quality supplements produced at its own FDA-registered facility. All its products are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and manufactured within the US. The supplements are physician-formulated, lab-tested, and cGMP certified. Consumers looking for a reliable source of ancient peat as well as other related supplements should have a good experience with this manufacturer.


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