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How To Get Out Of A Depression Slump

Many Americans suffer from periods of emotional depression. If your depression is occasional and not chronic, here are some of the best methods for how to get out of a depression slump where you’re feeling stuck.

If you’re struggling to overcome a depression slump, you’re not alone. A recent study found that one in ten Americans suffer from depression, which can affect people across various age groups, from adolescents to the elderly. If you’re suffering from chronic depression, seeking professional help should be your first step. But if you feel like what you’re experiencing is more akin to an episode or temporary sadness, you could be experiencing a depression slump.

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Symptoms of a depression slump

The experience of a depression slump can be different for everyone. Some common symptoms are fatigue or low energy, lack of motivation, sadness, loss of appetite, anxiety, changes in sleep patterns, and more. These symptoms can occur without warning, so it’s important to take notice of any abnormal feelings or behavioral patterns you may be experiencing. Addressing these symptoms as early as possible can help speed up recovery and hopefully avoid intensifying the depression slump. Read on to learn some of the best methods you can start today for how to get out of a depression slump.

How to get out of a depression slump:

1.Tip: Exercise

When you experience low energy and feel a lack of motivation, the natural tendency is to stay in bed or create a permanent space on the couch. The idea of doing anything productive seems impossible and the last thing on your mind. Medical professionals agree that exercise is one of the best methods for combatting a depression slump. Exercise has been shown to release endorphins to help improve your mood.

Exercise can also be a distraction, helping divert attention away from any stressors or anxiety-causing thoughts in your mind. The term ‘exercise’ can cause anxiety all on its own for some people. Still, in this case, exercise can be as simple as going for a daily walk, doing household chores, doing yard work, or any daily physical activity. Just 30 minutes of daily activity three to five days a week can help improve symptoms caused by a depressive slump.

Boy and girl doing exercise in the morning

How to get out of a depression slump:

2.Tip: Good sleep patterns

A depression slump can be accompanied by a bout of insomnia or, at the very least, a disrupted sleep pattern. Anxiety and daily stressors can lead to trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and returning to sleep after a nighttime wake-up. Lingering sleep problems affect your performance of routine daily activities, affect mood, and can contribute to the intensity of a depression slump.

There are several things you can do to help improve your sleep patterns. Medical treatment is a popular option shared by many Americans struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Supplements are also a widely sought-after solution, with positive reviews on their effectiveness. Whatever your form of treatment, getting good sleep is a great idea for how to get out of a depression slump.

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How to get out of a depression slump:

3.Tip: Focus on healthy relationships

Human beings are social creatures. No matter how introverted a person claims to be, there is always a need for connection, however minimal it might be. When going through a depression slump, the tendency to isolate yourself is overwhelming. Fighting against this feeling can be difficult, especially if you don’t already have a support system in place to help. The ability to talk through things, hear things from an objective perspective, and the feeling of companionship help alleviate the symptoms of depression. Focusing on keeping healthy relationships is great advice for how to get out of a depression slump.

How to get out of a depression slump:

4.Tip: A healthy diet

Studies have shown that eating certain foods is an excellent idea for how to get out of a depression slump. Foods such as eggs, fish, and chicken, have nutrients like Vitamin D, B-12, B9, and Zinc that contribute to the body’s ability to regulate mood and function optimally. It’s also important to exclude certain foods and drinks from your diet, such as fast food and alcohol, that are proven to aggravate and even trigger anxiety and bouts of depression. If you want to boost your nutrient intake, taking supplements can be a way to increase your body’s ability to fight off depression slump symptoms.

VOKE-Energy chewable tabs are supplements specifically formulated to produce energy to get you moving. VOKE-Energy supplements contain four special superfoods that improve short- and long-term brain functions and energy-boosting properties that can contribute to alleviating depression slump symptoms. Its whole-seed guarana is known for increasing energy as effectively as caffeine while not affecting sleep. VOKE-Energy’s acerola cherry is a great source of Vitamin C, an antioxidant providing incredible defense against the biochemical changes resulting from anxiety and depression. Supplements are not a cure for depression, but the nutrients they provide help your body work to fight off any depression slump symptoms you may be experiencing.

Fresh, Healthy and organic diet.

Getting out of a depression slump

Movies and television shows are notorious for depicting scenes of an individual consuming copious amounts of alcohol to deal with their sadness or depression. As we have learned, alcohol should be avoided, as it may aggravate or intensify your depression slump. On the other hand, helpful practices include exercising, maintaining good sleep patterns, focusing on healthy relationships, and eating a healthy diet. These methods are smart solutions for how to get out of a depression slump and can get you back on the right track. 

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