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Earth Energy Supplements vs VOKE-Energy Chewables

In this article, we compare two high-quality and well-regarded products for wakefulness and focus: Earth Energy Supplements and VOKE-Energy’s unique chewable products.

Our bodies have vacillating daily cycles called diurnal body timing patterns, which research shows impact how we feel throughout the day.  Researchers call these fluctuations our Twin Peaks of Mood. We usually begin the day at a morning peak and then drift to an afternoon valley when focus, wakefulness, and thinking are a struggle.

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Boost your focus with superfoods

The brain needs nutrients to stay healthy.  As a supplement to promote brain health, VOKE-Energy Chewables contains superfoods that studies have shown clear brain fog and help to maintain mental energy, laser focus, and clear thinking.

There are many supplements on the market claiming to support brain health. One such product is Earth Energy Supplements Raw Reds Energy Elixir which the company says boosts energy naturally while promoting mental clarity and focus. Read on for a head-to-head comparison of VOKE-Energy and Earth Energy Supplements Raw Reds.

VOKE-Energy Chewables vs Earth Energy Supplements:


VOKE-Energy Chewables contain whole-seed guarana grown in the Amazon rainforest. Guarana has been used for thousands of years and has amazing abilities to support brain function. In a double-blind human study, people using moderate amounts of guarana reported feeling significantly more alert and focused when working on mentally challenging problems. 

Organic acerola cherry,one of nature’s most powerful fruits, is also used in VOKE-Energy Chewables. Harvested from the Brazilian Amazon, this ingredient gives VOKE its citrus-berry flavor. It’s also a rich source of Vitamin C.

VOKE-Energy Chewables contain 75mg of natural green tea leaf caffeinein each tablet. Studies show taking small amounts of caffeine can improve alertness and reaction times.

Natural red beetrootis a vital ingredient in VOKE-Energy Chewables.   Red beetroot is an excellent source of nitrate, which has been shown to enhance blood flow to the brain. Human studies indicate nitrates in beetroot stimulate the part of the brain responsible for memory and the ability to switch tasks. Beetroot is packed with nutrients and is considered a brain superfood. VOKE-Energy products contain no artificial colors or flavors.

Earth Energy Supplements Raw Red Energy Elixir is a combination of raw red fruits and vegetables, including beetroot, strawberry juice, raspberry, acai, black currant, blueberry extract, cranberry, grape seed extract, mango seed extract, and pomegranate in a polyphenol blend. The ingredients also include a metabolic blend of cinnamon bark, turmeric, ginger, bitter melon extract, black pepper fruit extract, green tea and nine-strain probiotics.

The Raw Reds Energy Elixir also contains tart cherry flavoring, citric acid, and stevia. This product does not contain guarana, and it may prove less stimulating than its competitors.  In terms of potency and effectiveness, VOKE-Energy is the clear winner.

Fresh and Organic Pomergrand with its green leaves.

VOKE-Energy Chewables vs Earth Energy Supplements:

Scientific credentials

VOKE-Energy was founded by Kalen Caughey. Together with his father Byron, who has a PhD in biochemistry, he searched for ingredients to improve memory, focus, metabolism, and physical stamina. VOKE-Energy’s superfoods were chosen based on an extensive review of independent scientific studies demonstrating each ingredient’s efficacy and lack of side effects. 

The Earth Energy Supplements website indicates that their products were created by wellness professionals to give users the ability to unleash the immune boosting power of superfoods.

The website does not name these wellness professionals or offer a resume of their credentials.  Therefore, VOKE-Energy gets the point for transparency.

VOKE-Energy Chewables vs Earth Energy Supplements:


Combined in the right proportions, VOKE-Energy’s superfood ingredients of guarana, green tea caffeine, and red beetroot can promote sharper focus and reduce fatigue. Most people feel the beneficial effects of VOKE-Energy tablets within 20 minutes and continue to feel an elevated effect for up to 3 hours, depending on their metabolism. VOKE-Energy says users will notice an overall improved sense of well-being after taking their product for a month. 

The Earth Energy Supplements website says their products support mental clarity and focus, but it does not indicate when the ingredients take effect, how long the boost in mental clarity lasts, or what the longer-term beneficial effects might be. However, a review on the website does say,“At first, I thought the product was not doing anything for me. I had a 3-month supply…however, by the time I was almost finished, I realized that they were helping.”

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VOKE-Energy Chewables vs Earth Energy Supplements:


The superfood ingredients in VOKE-Energy Chewables are backed by over 25 independent research and peer-reviewed scientific studies showing that VOKE-Energy helps maintain mental energy, laser focus, and clear thinking throughout the day. This standout company provides consumers with research on its products’ benefits.  Studies are listed on their website, and people who have questions or research for VOKE-Energy to consider are invited to contact the company at a provided email address.

Earth Energy Supplements does not indicate if any research and peer-reviewed scientific studies have been conducted on its products. It does not offer consumers additional research on how well its products promote mental clarity and focus, and the company does not invite consumers to contact them with research-related questions.  We give VOKE-Energy the point for transparency.

VOKE-Energy Chewables vs Earth Energy Supplements:

Price and convenience

VOKE-Energy Chewables costs $52.00 for 60 tablets, which, if taken as suggested, would last a month. VOKE-Energy offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee return policy. These chewable tablets are convenient for work or while on the go. Reviewer Dan McKay says, “Simple tablet, amazing results that last when you need it the most. From the trails to the office.”

Earth Energy Supplements Raw Red Energy Elixir sells for $39.95 for a jar of powder that contains about 30 scoops. The recommended use is 2 scoops per day. Earth Energy Supplements offers a 60-day satisfaction return policy.  These two products fare about equally when it comes to customer satisfaction guarantees, but VOKE-Energy is the more cost-effective option.

earth energy supplements

VOKE-Energy Chewables vs Earth Energy Supplements:

Ratings and reviews

VOKE-Energy Chewables has received a 4.2 out of 5 rating on and a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Some reviews say, “I could be a salesperson for VOKE,” and “I love the energy that I get from this product.”

Earth Energy Supplements has 50 reviews on its company website, such as “I am highly impressed with quality of product and price,” and “You are a 10.” All 50 reviews on the company website equal a 5 out of 5 rating. It has no reviews on or

VOKE-Energy Chewables vs Earth Energy Supplements:

Final verdict

VOKE-Energy Chewables is a convenient botanical superfood tablet that scientific studies show supports brain health. It contains selected ingredients that promote focus and wakefulness. Meanwhile, Earth Energy Supplements Raw Red Energy Elixir is a powdered product that the company indicates supports mental clarity and focus, but it has not posted references to scientific studies to support those claims. We choose VOKE-Energy for its superior formula, cost-effectiveness, and commitment to research and quality.  

voke energy supplements

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